Orchard Lawn/The Gundry House Restoration

Orchard Lawn/THe Gundry HouseBack in 1867, Orchard Lawn was a working estate situated on a hill overlooking a bustling young community. Built by Cornish immigrants Sarah and Joseph Gundry, it boasted gardens, orchards, barns, a carriage house, and a fine Italianate mansion made of locally quarried sandstone. Three generations of the merchant family lived, worked, and played at Orchard Lawn in grand style. When the last Mineral Point Gundry died in 1936, heirs tried to sell or even give the great estate away. Finally, they hired a wrecking contractor. Most of the outbuildings fell. The wrecking ball was about to proceed to the house when eleven local citizens got together to stop it. Together, they raised $800 to buy out the demolition contract, and they saved the house. The Gundry family then deeded the property to the newly formed Mineral Point Historical Society and Orchard Lawn became a community landmark.

But the story of Orchard Lawn is about more than saving an old house. Today, Orchard Lawn contributes generously to the richness of Mineral Point life. It teaches appreciation for our history and provides a unique setting for parties, performances, weddings, reunions and other community events.  We call it our living room.

The restoration of Orchard Lawn has involved careful research and attention to detail and its final phase is nearing completion. Garden designs, plantings, and the estate’s summerhouse have been replicated. Inside the Gundry house, historic photographs and surviving original items guided the restoration of the parlors and dining room. Carpeting, window and wall treatments, lighting fixtures, furnishings, and accessories were reproduced or purchased according to clues found in old photos, letters, invoices, letters, and diaries.

Orchard Lawn is available for private rentals. Tours are offered Friday through Sunday, June through September. Visitors are always welcome to stroll the grounds or sit on the front porch and enjoy some peace and quiet.     Jammin’ On the Porch, a summer concert series, is held on second Fridays in June, July, August, and September. Come visit Orchard Lawn to get a glimpse of early Mineral Point.

More information at mineralpointhistory.org

For tours and wedding information, contact manager Ainsley Anderson at 608.334.1064 or email orchardlawn@gmail.com.

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