City Government

Mineral Point City HallCity Hall is located at 137 High Street. The website for the City of Mineral Point contains information about government services. Find Council minutes, City ordinances, and many answers to frequently asked questions about living in Mineral Point.


City Personnel Contact Information:

Debi Heisner, City Administrator/Clerk Treasurer 608.987.2361
Jodi Shemak, Deputy Clerk Treasurer 608.987.2361 or
Police Department 608.987.2313 fax: 608.987.2181
All Emergencies call 911
City Hall fax: 608.987.3885
Mineral Point Ambulance garage 608.987.2752.
Emergency call 911
Mineral Point Fire Dept Station Phone 608-987-3020
Emergency call 911
Public Library 608.987.2447 e-mail:
Mineral Point Water and Sewer Dept 608.987.3442
Swimming Pool 608.987.2175
MAYOR Greggory Bennett 987.2697


  • 1st Ward Tom Schmit 987.2731, Bert Parkos 987.2477
  • 2nd Ward Curtis Pulford 608.620.8735 , Steve Falconer 987.1399
  • 3rd Ward Jay Oellerich 987.3525, Therese Hess 574.2518
  • 4th Ward Linda Hurley 773-350-6997, Lori Pittz 574-7461

1st member listed is Chair of that committee

Finance Committee Members: Tom Schmit, Curtis Pulford, Therese Hess
Streets, Sidewalks and Solid Waste committee Members: Jay Oellerich, Lori Pittz, Bert Parkos
Police & Liscensing Committee: Tom Schmit, Curt Pulford, Linda Hurley
Public Health & Property Committee: Linda Hurley, Steve Falconer, Jay Oellerich
Water & Sewer Committee – Bert Parkos, Lori Pittz, Steve Falconer
Ordinance & Claims Committee: Steve Falconer, Linda Hurley, Jay Oellerich
Personnel Committee: Curt Pulford, Tom Schmit, Therese Hess
Assessor Equity Appraisal, LLC: 608.826.0009
Zoning Administrator: Phillip Mrozinski 608.341.7953
City Attorney: Peter Pfotenhauer 608.987.4400

 Mineral Point is well served with emergency services provided by 5 full time Police Officers, a 32 member Volunteer Fire Department, and an approximately 30 member Volunteer Emergency Rescue Squad.
PARK BOARD: Bert Parkos, Council Rep 987.2477 Dick Poad 574.1345 Todd Doney 987.2960 Michael Gratz 574.6668 Matt Lindsey 987.1507 Robert Mitchell Jr (Mike) 574.6131 Brian Engelke, Chairman 987.3393 Jeffrey Reynolds 987.3489
PLAN COMMISSION: Mayor Bennett 987.2697 Steve Falconer, Council Rep 987.1399 Curtis Pulford, Council Rep 341.7295 Thomas Johnston 987.3669 Tim Freeman 987.1570 Julia Marr 987.3726 Gary Galle 987.3157 Phil Mrozinski, Zoning Administrator 341.7953
HISTORIC PRESERVATION: Steve Falconer, Council Rep 987.1399 Tom Kelly 987.2295 Nancy Graber 987.3304 Cathy Kitto 941.587.3014 Dick Poad 574.1345 Gayle Bull 987.4363 Glen Ridnour, Chairman 987.3317
BOARD OF APPEALS: Linda Hurley, Council Rep 987.1301 Kenneth Wallace 574.0681 Justin Potterton 987.1410 David Lawson 608.444.2262 Dean Keyes 608.987.2374
LIBRARY BOARD: Therese Hess, Council Rep 574.2518 Lisa Hay 987.1522 Jim Harris 987.3600 Tari Engels 987.4345 Kent Roberts 608.712.1823 Don Hawkins, President 987.3428 Lori Pittz 987.2172 School Superintendent – 987.0740
BOARD OF REVIEW: Mayor Bennett 987.2967 Raymond Paytner 987.3145 William Buckingham 987.2568 Thomas Adams 987.3251 Arnold Chambers 987.3200
ETZ – BOARD OF APPEALS: Linda Hurley, Council Rep 987.1301 Kenneth Wallace 987.3692 Jim Stroschein, Chairman 987-2301 Tom Johnston 987-3669 Dean Keyes 987.2374 Dr Everett Lindsey, Town of MP Rep 987-2919
CITY FORESTER: Jill Engels 987.2178 (home) 987.2716 (work)
TREE COMMITTEE MEMBERS: Julia Marr 987.3726 Phil Mrozinski 341.7953 Susan Mrozinski 341.7953, Jason Sable Rich Prahl
STREET LIGHTING: Tim Freeman 987.2605 Dan Clark 987.3134 David Engels 987.4345 Tim Hughes Tom Schmit 987.2731
FIRE DEPT OFFICERS: Bryan Marr, Chief Chad Whitford, Assistant Chief Terry Poad, 2nd Assistant Brian Ludlum, Secretary/Treasurer