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Professional services in most all fields are available in Mineral Point. You will find qualified people who pay attention to your needs and provide excellent service. These are your neighbors, a part of the foundation of our community, professionals who will meet you on the street and remember your name. It’s living the small town way and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Jane Wilcoxson Studios

Work 9 Fountain Street Mineral Point WI 53565 Phone: 630.551.0121Website: janewilcoxson.com

My work depicts the strange and peculiar marriage that we have created between animals, ourselves and the natural world. The creativity of our human nature has enabled us to live outside of the natural environment, but this has not stopped us from bringing this natural environment into our artificial world. The animals that I depict have anthropomorphic attributes and often sit within an idealized world or a very fantastical one.