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Mineral Point Business Directory

Professional services in most all fields are available in Mineral Point. You will find qualified people who pay attention to your needs and provide excellent service. These are your neighbors, a part of the foundation of our community, professionals who will meet you on the street and remember your name. It’s living the small town way and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Mayday Press

Home 109 Commerce Street Mineral Point WI 53565 Phone: 608. 553.0227Website:

When you come in to Mayday Press, you’ll feel a down-home, old-timey vibe while taking a gander at decidedly new-timey letterpress goods – all designed, printed and assembled here in Mineral Point. Constantly tinkering, we feature new, original greeting cards, hand bound notebooks and art prints – often straight off one of our hulking presses. You’ll find some guilty pleasures, too – the finer instruments of design, drawing and doodling. Explore our range of functional to fabulous pencils and pens, sharpeners, erasers, pouches, computer carry-alls, totes, and other off-the-clock office supplies. In addition, browse our curated selection of design, typography, printing and pattern books.

Open Thursday + Friday: 12pm—5pm; Saturday: 10am—5pm; Sunday: 10am—2pm. Please call 608-553-0227 to schedule an appointment during other days.