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Mineral Point Business Directory

Professional services in most all fields are available in Mineral Point. You will find qualified people who pay attention to your needs and provide excellent service. These are your neighbors, a part of the foundation of our community, professionals who will meet you on the street and remember your name. It’s living the small town way and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Walker House

Home 1 Water Street Mineral Point WI 53565 Phone: 608.553.0728Website: thewalkerhouse.org
Dine with us ~
Fine dining by 24-hr. reservation only.  We plan every detail to deliver an extraordinary culinary experience for you and your group.  Full 5-course meals between $13-$21 including our award-winning Cornish pasty meal and our high end rib, steak, and filet mignon meals.  Full service bar, too.  We open the House just for you and your group, serve one course at a time straight from the stove or grill, explain what you’re eating, and engage you in conversation (if you wish) about our lives and yours, the historic Walker House, and Mineral Point.  Savor exquisite food, laugh and learn with us, and soak in the extraordinary beauty of the Walker House–fine dining as an art form.
Stay with us~
One of the world’s treasures, the beautiful Walker House was built in 1836. During your visit, sample Chocolate Shoppe ice cream, touch fossils lodged in this 2 century-old stone building, sit in caves where ore was mined 200 years ago, warm yourself by a fire in the Pub or Patio, learn about its ghost lore, enjoy 200 art works, and grow from the Walker House programs & special meals. Whatever you choose, count on us to be your family away from family and your home away from home so that you can continue your journey refreshed and rejuvenated.