Calendar of Events

Mineral Point Calendar of Events 2015

25      Mineral Point Historical Society Lyceum
31       Valentine Card Sale at Shake Rag Alley

4-7     Paint-The-Point – Winter Edition
7         Valentine Card Sale at Shake Rag Alley
15       Mineral Point Municipal Building Centennial Celebration

8           Second Annual Allen Ludden Password Tournament at MP Public Library                 15         Brain Games 7.0                                                                                                                21-22   Garden Getaway at Shake Rag Alley

4          Kiwanis Easter Egg Hunt
4          Gallery Night
10-11   City-wide Garage Sales
25-26  Beads and Bangles at Shake Rag Alley

2           Opening Day of Mineral Point Market
2-3       Clay in May
23-24   Fairy Tour of Homes at Shake Rag Alley
30-31   Driftless Area Fibre Arts Faire

6          Gallery Night; Art in Motion Parade
7          Visitor Appreciation Day at Pendarvis
12        Jammin’ on the Porch, Orchard Lawn
25       Ice Cream Social and City Band Concert at MP Care Center

4        Mineral Point Celebrates the Fourth: 34th Annual “Getting the Lead Out” Run;   July  4th Parade; Band Concert; Ice Cream Social and Fireworks
9-12    Woodlanders Gathering at Shake Rag Alley
10-12  Haiku Retreat featuring Tom Painting
10        Jammin’ on the Porch, Orchard Lawn

1          Gallery Night
5-8      Second Annual Paint-The-Point
7-9      WI High School Regional Rodeo
8          Dairyland Dare
14          Jammin’ on the Porch, Orchard Lawn
14-15   City-wide Garage Sales
29-30  Iowa County Antique Club’s Annual Power Show

3-7       Iowa County Fair
11         Jammin’ on the Porch, Orchard Lawn
13         5th Annual Southwest Wisconsin Book Festival
25-27   Cornish Festival
25         Pub Night at Pendarvis
26        Crowdy Crawn at Pendarvis

16-18    Fall Art Tour
30         Second Annual Halloween Party, Gray Dog Deli
31         Halloween Parade

5-9       Driftless Film Festival
7           Local Treasures Night
28        Holiday Open House

5          Candlelight Gallery Night
5          Holiday Gift Fair at Trinity Church
5          Santa Day at Shake Rag Alley
7          Ecumenical Lessons and Carols at Trinity Church