Welcome to Mineral Point, Wisconsin

Welcome to Mineral Point

Mineral Point – visit us and experience small town life with a creative flair. We are a community of makers of all kinds, from painters and sculptors to farmers and foodies. The arts and history are part of our everyday lives, and we love sharing all of that with you.

You are cordially invited to come for a visit and stay as long as you like. Find out for yourself why people fall in love with this place.


Join us for  weekend of activities celebrating historic preservation in Mineral Point. Attend a performance of TEN DOLLAR HOUSE, the story of Bob Neal and Edgar Hellum, the two men, who against all odds in the 1930s, created a legacy of love and historic preservation that lives on in Mineral Point. Tour private homes in a variety of styles and dates. Dine with us and Will Fellows, the author of PASSION TO PRESERVE. The activities begin on Thursday with a free slide show at the Mineral Point Opera House (another fabulous restoration story) and continue through Sunday afternoon. More information here.  
Read the story of how Martha Meyer and Rick Kinnebrew came to write TEN DOLLAR HOUSE. Ten Dollar House-the Playwright’s Story
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